Fan Wear

Michigan Tigers Futbol Club is proud to offer a full line of Spiritwear items.

The Eurosport website is and once you have clicked on your original email from Eurosport, you will see a MICHIGAN TIGERS link in the top right hand corner of This will live on the site as long as you do not clear your cookies from your internet browser.  You can then go to SPIRITWEAR and order your favorite items.

What are Optional and Spiritwear items?

Optional items are items selected for our players and offered with the hope that you will be able to practice and play to the best of your ability in any condition. Optional items usually include warm-ups, practice apparel and weather gear. Spiritwear items are club specific apparel that are customized with the club logo and designed for parents, players and friends to show support and team spirit. Spiritwear items often include jackets, t-shirts, hats, polos, etc.

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