Welcome to the Michigan Tigers Manager’s page.  This page is designed to provide our team managers with guidelines and resources to assist them in their managerial role. 

Important contacts:


Executive Director Nishan Artinian
Club Director Andy Pritchard
Age Group Director Zach Artinian






Thank you for volunteering to serve as a team manager.  Your role as manager is instrumental to the success of your team and the club.  Please view the Michigan Tigers Manager's Guide for an in-depth guide on various processes.


Every Michigan Tigers soccer team has a single team manager, designated by the coach and club directors.  This individual is responsible for all communication between families and coach, as well as coordination of schedules and administrator of pass-cards, game sheets and rosters, and referee fees.  The team manager is critical to the success of the season and directly impacts the experiences of all members of the team.  While the coach is responsible for on-field instruction and game management, the team manager is responsible for all off-field duties.  Both coach and manager must be registered with the team’s league—for most, MSDSL.  In addition, all coaches and managers must apply for and be accepted into the state of Michigan’s Risk Management program. 

Risk Management

The Risk Management program is an important aspect of all soccer clubs overseen by the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, and ensures that all individuals interacting with players have no criminal record.  All coaches, assistant coaches, and managers are required to obtain a Risk Management card prior to performing any duties associated with the team(s).  To apply for a Risk Management card, visit the MSYSA website directly. 

Tournament Registration

Managers are responsible for registering teams for tournaments. After doing so, please fill out the tournament registration form.

Player Passcards

Player passcards are official identification and should not be copied or tampered with.  Using illegal players can have severe repercussions to the player, coach, team manager, and club.  You must bring player passcards to every game; make sure to receive them back from the referee at the completion of play. 

Players, coaches, and team managers all must have passcards made. The Michigan Tigers Futbol Club recommends laminating the passcards and placing them in a three-ring binder.  Putting the passcards in alphabetical or numerical order can save time on game day. 

Pre-Season Organization


The club uses TeamSnap for all communication.


League scheduling is now done prior to the official scheduling meeting by phone or email.  Please be aware of other teams your head coach may be coaching prior to scheduling league games. 

Referee Fees

Each team is responsible for paying home-game referees.